Thirty years ago, Internet connectivity was scarce, and on-premises servers were an enterprise’s only option. Today, however, Internet connectivity is ubiquitous, and users are often working from home. While VPNs could let your users tunnel back to an office LAN, many organizations are choosing instead to use provider-managed services hosted “in the cloud,” or, in other words, in dedicated datacenters with high-reliability, high-bandwidth Internet connections.



Your organization’s web presence is a prime candidate for cloud hosting. Because most of the people who view your web sites will be elsewhere on the Internet, it matters much more than your web site be close to them, than close to you. We can host your web presence on our own managed servers in Denver, or arrange web hosting with other specialist providers anywhere you like. The up-front costs of server hardware and the uncertainty of maintenance and sparing are replaced by a simple fixed monthly hosting fee, and your clients’ access to your web presence will no longer be dependent upon your LAN’s connection to the Internet.


Email spam has provoked an escalating arms-race of security measures that have made maintenance of high-availability email servers more laborious over time. By using a portion of a shared, centrally-maintained server, that work can be amortized over not use the users in one organization, but those in many organizations, and can justify dedicated, expert staff. Email is another great candidate for cloud hosting.



Like email, any voice automation you may have, from simple inbound voicemail, to fax, phone-tree automation, follow-me roaming, and call-center queuing and distribution, can be implemented on our managed VoIP servers in the cloud.